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<br> <br> <br>8/27() <br> 8:41~ <br>41 t x |t\| XՔ t @ X  DŘ ܴ$ 0 $0| lXȲ <br>42 tǔ 0Ō P  x8t Ǵ ȴt| خ 8 L 4 $T| <br>43 t P t| 踝<\ SŔ  D4Ōij hD  XX Ő <br>44 X \ @ X 7 D Ȳ 踝t T| <br>45 خ tt D  lа XȲ DȲ| ` L ܴ\ tt 4 $䴴 t <br> <br>46 خ tt D  ij tǔ  %t   Nt\ X <br>47 Ő ¤\ (0 `  L p D@ ܴ  t @ @ D ^ йXȲ <br>48 خ tt 8D $ Lt | lX<Ȳ Hň | XT| <br>49 D йX L X  t @ йX X 8t Řt زD T 4m X ȹ Xp <br>50 خ < tt P$X й 0̹ X| Xt 8t lD <Ǭ| X <br> <br>51 tt ܴ\@ \ |@ DtX xŔ hخ 䴴0| }X DȲXȲ| <br>52 t Dt| X p X خ tt й| @ t DȲ| XȲ <br>53 t @ D DŔ \ DT| <br>54 خ DtX D tt Dt| |ǴŘ| XȲ <br>55 t ̳D@ Dt |ǴŘp خ 9D D | XȲ <br> <br>56 || خ Xլ t |D D4Ōij йX й| XȲ| <br> <br>8/26(|) <br>^yo00&#23455;k00]0n0r0h00P[0J0&#19982;H0k0j0c0_0{0i0k00N0aU00_00 <br>]00o0_P[0OX000n0L00r0h00h0W0f0ns00S0h0j0O008l`n0}T0cd0_00g0B000 <br> <br>8/25() <br> <br> <br>8/24() <br> 24:16 <br>tǃ<\ йTD ij X՘ز X m pt 0| Ęt <br> <br>L 2:13 <br>l H X” tǔ X՘زtȲ 0X 0X ;D X lŌ <br>D P XՌ X˜Ȳ <br> <br>2007D824|/1/ȹ25:14-30/@Ǭ ޹ |D Xt t <br> <br>------------------------------------ <br>@Ǭ ޹ |D Xt t <br>------------------------------------ <br> <br>@Ǭ ɷ t t <br>5첀, 3첀, 1첀 <br> <br>X ɷt t \ t t <br> <br> ƬŌ @Ǭ 4x <br>ɔ X <br>Xɔ DX <br>Kɔ 3@ <br> <br>Kx 3@0 Ȳ <br>- | @ | ƴ\ XйD , A<\0 Ŭ | ;Ȳ <br> <br>| 䴴 <br>ijQt @Ǭ| XՔ <br>DXՔ t @Ǭ| XՔ <br>ijXՔ t @Ǭ| XՔ <br> <br>X Dtij 3 J0 L8 @Ǭ  <br> 3@ x L0 t й Dt L  ǵȲ <br> <br>ijxŌ 4\t ǵȲ <br>ƬX 1x @ й ̳0L8Ȳ <br><\ XՌ ̹ܴ <br> <br> p| @ T 3@ DٲȲ <br>X0 X L8 \ ȹLD ” Ȳ <br> <br>----------------------------------- <br> 24:16 <br>tǃ<\ йTD ij X՘ز X m pt 0| Ęt <br>----------------------------------- <br> <br>ijt йX <br>Ƭ pt 0| XȲ <br> <br> <br>@Ǭ\ P D| ` @ <br>t| iȲ <br> <br>x| X <br> D Xt <br> <br>t @Ǭx| D йD iȲ <br>@ D ,Ґtij \ | t ǵȲ <br>, @ǬX Ƭ| 𶔲 䴅Ȳ <br> <br>ex> X , \m X 0 <br>t\ @ ˆ ŵD Xt TD AȲ <br>췘 Ѭ@ D4 ŵD tij T lij X0 Ȳ <br> <br>$Pij @Ǭ ǵȲ <br>@ D ,Ґt T XՔ t ǵȲ <br> <br>1\ t ǵȲ <br>T<0Ɍ x t ǵȲ <br>췘 ŵȲ <br> <br>@Ǭ D̲ @ D t ] 8  ǵȲ <br> <br>/첀, P첀 @ D  <br>@ /첀, P첀 4 t iȲ <br> t ǵȲ <br>0 L8 Xij 1 t| m,D D  X Ȳ <br> <br>D4 tij Ŕ @ @Ǭ Dв  ǵȲ <br>@Ǭ D̲ \ t $ƈ$ @Ǭ  䲔 Ȳ <br> <br> ȹɹ<\ @Ǭx| 0 t <br>Dt| iȲ <br> <br>DXՔ |D `LŔ Xij J <br> <br>X՘ز \ Ƭ 0h<\ |X0| XȲ <br> <br>----------------------------------- <br>L 2:13 <br>l H X” tǔ X՘زtȲ 0X 0X ;D X lŌ D P XՌ X˜Ȳ <br>----------------------------------- <br> <br>D T|ij Ť |D DXt XՌ )Ȳ <br> <br>P D t <br>0ij| DXՔ <br>$P| DXՔ <br>thD DXՔ <br>ij| DXՔ <br>)D DXՔ <br> <br> X @ ` `  ǵȲ <br>t ιDtǔpij eXՔ P| ” <br>@Ǭ| |X ǔ Ȳ <br> <br>ȬXՠȲ <br>@Ǭ| @ <br>1 X <br>2 DX <br>3 3@ D XՔ <br> <br>0 tǤ” 3@ D XՔ Ȳ <br> <br>hخ 0ijXՠȲ <br> <br>@ǬX Ƭ| X՘ز ^ 1 0| 0ijiȲ <br>X DX 3@ D @Ǭ\ Ą   XՌ <br> <br>--> <br>|X 4 t\t. 4 |@  X T\ L  | T DՌ̹ `пtȲL <br>T t\ 1D ʹ| \. <br> <br>8/23() \t 213| <br> 12:21 <br>0| X <br> <br> <br>8/22() <br> 12:1 <br>t\ ƬŌ l t X \ xt <Ȳ <br> 4p t0 l´ | xǴ\h Ƭ ^ \ | Xp <br> <br> 15:22 <br>4t tt 8@خ @ x Ȭ| X | ̅XՔ D <br>DX t DX tL …t Ȭ 㴔 t +‘X 0 <Ȳ <br> <br>8@ L$| U8t  <br>lȹ D0| | T u\ lȹ  <br> <br>xǴX 0X @ Dt| t <br> <br> <br>8/21(T) <br> 1:31 <br>|ij l XpȲ@ t 0X DD HŔ t <br>lX X՘ز 8@خ l x( 8 l| H<Ǭ t L <br>tt XhȲ| X՘ <br> <br>8/20() <br>T TX| <br> <br>X 20:15 <br>8@خ lŌ йX0| t p 4\ xX <br>P$Xp | й| <br>t t lŌ \ t DȲ X՘زخ \ tǬ| <br> <br>l 12:16 <br>\ ȹLD tXp @p ȹLD P й ij @ p Xp ¤\  ǔ X й| <br> <br>17 D4Ōij ED E<\  й ^ \ |D ijX| <br> <br>18 `  p l\ T T֩X| <br> <br>19 XՔ D l \Έ |  й X՘زX xX 0| <br>0]<   t <Ȳ <Ǭ| خ йXȲ| <br> <br>20 $  Ȭp 9t ȹtp ȹŒ X| h<\ $ /ˆD <br> 8 D <Ǭ| <br> <br>21 EŌ й <\ ED t0| <br> <br> <br>8/19(|) <br> <br>- 8X <br> <br>¸ 90 3,4 <br>خ D L\ ̳D X йX0| l x@ ̳D| Xh$Ȳ <br>X Ŕ Dt ɘ  

<br>- 8X DX <br> 18:15 <br>$ X՘ز 8@خ l p $   | X <br>@ @ ɐ X՘| |<Ǥ¬Ȳ lה X йD DȲ| <br> <br>- 8| ɷXՔ \ <br> 7:35 <br>ܴtt йt  | @ ӥ<\ 8Ɛа Xp pXX 8| <br>X՘ز@ ˜4 0 p tX ̬X <\ @ ɷXՔ \ h<Ȳ <br> <br>8/18() <br>Dń䲴 DtDŽD (0ij\ DtX ǘ| LDp) <br>UX 9D 4X DȲXp (8X Xij L$ DȲX) <br> <br> 11:23 <br>L<\ 8 D L Dń䲴 DtDŽD  ٳH (¨ UX 9D 4X <br>DȲX

<br>8/17() \t 207| <br> <br>¸ 38 9 <br> X t ^ Ǭ$p <br>X t ^ t DȲX՘t <br> <br> ij| X  D `}X T <br>T p <\ ż<Ȳ tǔ D |t| ( 11:26) <br> <br> <br>8/16() <br>¸ 37 34 <br>8@| | ij| ɤ| <br>Xt | 䴴 ED (XՌ X t| Ext J L $ ijXլ\ <br> <br>1X Y <br>1 XՔ D X| <br>2 ٳX| <br>3 ǻ ǔ  ǔ D ȀX| <br>4 XՔ D tLL )D 첬X ĬX| <br> <br> <br>t`| p <br> <br>8/15() <br> 11:3 <br>L<\ 8Ĭ X՘زX й<\ ɴ D Ƭ DŘȲ <br>tǔ @ М <\ йTD  t DȲȲ| <br> <br>5 <br>L<\ y@ LD J .ƨL<Ȳ X՘زt | .0<\ <br>t DȲXƐȲ| .ƨ0  X՘زD 0XŒ XՔ | XՔ <br>p| XŐȲ| <br> <br>6 <br>Lt tǔ X՘زD 0XŒ X X՘Ȳ X՘زخ D ǔ ܴ <br> Ĭ \ 0| >̔ Ō ” tD | `Ȳ| <br> <br>7 <br>L<\ xDŔ D t JŔ | XD D xh<\ )| DX <br> D lX<Ȳ t\ йTD 8D X LD 0t XX <br> ŐȲ| <br> <br>8 <br>L<\ D |h@ tD XD L …X ǘX <\ D E D <br> | L X D

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<br>13 l <\ | > > <br>--> ǵȲ <br><$t ($) <br>-------------- <br> <br>16| є| <br>ijX -> 8 <br>Š 6 18 <br> <br> 0ij@ l\ X 4\ 19 H 0ijX <br>t| X h lX0| m p 1ij| X lX <br> <br>And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers nad requests. <br>With this in mind, be alert nad always keep on praying ofr all the saint. <br>-------------- <br> <br>15| | <br> 12 9 <br> tt0| @ $ qXij <br>tǔ %t }\p (Xt| X| <br>t\ ij lЌ 0оh<\ X }\ X ǑXլȲ <br>tǔ ijX %<\ 8< ht| <br> <br>Š 6 14-17 <br>14  ɬ\ l լ`| ` XX I0| t <br>15 HX LX D\ <\ D <br>16  LX )(| t\h E\ X TD xX <br>17 lX ,l@ 19X X՘زX йD | <br>-------------- <br> <br>14| | <br>Š 6 6 <br>̹ X D 0X XՔ ǘ X й <br>ijX 䴘 ȹL<\ X՘زX ;D X <br> <br>4 <br> DDD l @| xŌ X й $ X P Ĭ\ !X| <br> <br>7 <br> ȹL<\ ,00| خ X X Ō X X й| <br> <br>9 <br>-- Ō xƨ\ D XՔ |t Ŕ  l Nt| <br> <br>-------------- <br> <br>13| ”| <br> <br> 11 7 <br>L<\ xDŔ D XՔ | XD D xh<\ )| DX <br> D lX<Ȳ t\ йTD 8D X LD Ȕ XX ֬ ŐȲ| <br> <br>Š 5 31 <br>t\ t | ( ų) DŴ@ iX <br> Xt \ !Ǵ Ȳ <br> <br>32 t Dt lij ij@ P X йXx| <br>-------------- <br> <br>12| T֔| <br>[X @䴘 X| <br>5 8 <br>l Ŕ PtTȲ tȔ H [t| [X @䴘 X| <br> <br>18 <br> X й| tǔ )\ tȲ $ 19X ̹D <| <br> <br>20 <br> Ƭ  ijX tDŽ<\ m Dń X՘زخ Xp <br><b>Always</b> <br>giving thanks to God the Father for <b>everything</b> <br> <br>-------------- <br>11| Ɣ| <br>Ą |ǼX pt <br> <br> 1 25 - 29 <br>25 X՘زX ŬLt m X՘زX }Xt XȲ| <br> <br># D l| tD | !Ǵ| 0| \ ι DȲXp \ ι DȲXp 8 @ ι DȲXij <br># 췘 X՘زخ 8X (\ D Xլ  ǔ D D X$ X 8X }\ D Xլ \ D D X$ Xp <br># X՘زخ 8X \ x  Ŕ D Xլ ǔ D X$ X˜Ȳ <br># tǔ D4 !Ǵij X՘ز ^ ǑX XՌ X$ Xt| <br> <br> 6 29 <br>خ | X՘زX | t X՘زX |tȲ| XȲ| <br> <br>--> l ; Ƭ Ż X| X՘زX |D X$ƬtL | 8 <br> <br>Š 5 3 <br>Llj ( T췴 Е@ l  tDŽt|ij t й| <br>tǔ 1ijX ȹE\ Ȳ| <br> <br>4 <br>h Ŭ@ йtǘ lqX йt ȹEX DȲXȲ ̳t XՔ йD X| <br> <br>5 lij U tǃD LpȲ@ LljXՔ ǘ T췴 ǘ XՔ -0ǔ ij@ X՘زX | 0D XլȲ <br>6 l  й\ l| t XՌ X| t\ йTD X՘زX x …X DŌ X՘Ȳ <br>7 \ hخ XՔ  й| <br> <br>8 l Ŕ `tTȲ tȔ H [t| [X @䴘 X| <br>9 [X 乔 )h X\ h ǐȲ| <br>10 | 0XŒ ` t 4x X | <br> <br>11 lה Ŕ `X | 8X й ij EݹX| <br>12 t @ XՔ @ йX0ij D췴 t| <br>13 췘 EݹD  @ [<\ йTD ܴ췘Ȳ ܴ췘 ȹ [tȲ| <br> <br>15 l Ż `| 8 XX  Ŕ t X й $  ǔ t X <br>16 8D D|| L EXȲ| <br> <br>-------------- <br>10| | <br>Š 4 26 <br>D ij | йp t ij] D й <br>27 ȹ\ D XՌ X| <br> <br>\tX T}@ --> 8Ō <br>ܴX  \mD l` xǬ , ̬ (X՘t xǬ) <br> <br>Š 4 29 <br>4 T췴 й@ l ij й $ UD 8Ɣ p  \ \ йD X 㴔 Ō @| |XΌ X| <br> <br>-------------- <br>9| є| <br>\ D| ̹ܴ Ĭ <br> <br>Š 4 22 <br>lה 9X D 0| iô8 lD Ȕ ƬD ń (put off) <br> <br>23 $ 9<\ m  (to be made new) <br> <br>24 X՘زD 0| X@ ɬX ph<\ (created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness) <br> <br>-------------- <br>8() <br>Š 4 13 <br>Ƭ X՘زX DD DŔ | X՘  (\ D t踴 ijX 1\ ɷt ̹\ pL ttȲ <br> <br>7 <br>Ƭ  Ō ijX <br> <br> <br>7() <br>X՘| <br> <br>Š 4 3 <br>HX 乔 \ 19t X՘  X D h ɤ| <br> <br>L 2 2 <br>ȹLD tX @ D ;D iXp \ȹLD Դ <br> <br>3 D4 | 4  0 |D ̳пT \  x X |D ̳D X 0hD ̹XՌ X| <br>5 l H t ȹLD <| ij X ȹLtȲ <br> <br>6() <br>Š 3 16 <br>X X 1hD 0| X 19<\ йTD l D %<\ tXՌ X$p <br> <br> 4 7,8 <br>7 Ƭ t 0| L<Ȳ tǔ ˆ p %@ X՘زخ ƬŌ DȲhD LŌ X$ ht| <br>8 Ƭ )<\ ƨD Xij t DȲXp \ |D Xij X DȲXp <br> <br>)<\ ƨD Xij t DȲXp.. <br> <br>5(T) <br>XՔ ;\ <br> <br>Š 3 11 <br> ƀ0 Ƭ ij  H X ;\ X t| <br> <br>6 \ 5 <br> <br>4() <br>\ 19H <br>At ̳ <br>ƬX `| : t<ȹ \ Ű <br> <br>Š 2 20 21 <br>lה ij ɐX 0  8D @ | ij خ \Έ At ̳t hȲ| <br>X H t<ȹ \ ŰX H 1t  <br> <br>5/31() <br>  1 24 <br> l| 8Xլ pht Ō X l\  ^ `t t 0h<\  X t <br> <br>To him how is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence <br>without fault and with great joy <br> <br>----------------------- <br> <br>$Ƙ Dh@ Ƭ | E 8<0@ X X t|0| X <br>t ,  0 T Uֈ \XՐt    0  0 t ED X <br> <br>L  | PX \ h0 t X <br> 0 nj  <br> <br>< <br> 5 t̹ Ƭ D Xt ٳ$ D ȹ@ X <br> D(ij \ <br> <br>Dt <br>Ƭ Dŀ,4tǀ0 ‘X ȳX  L X i D@ tt D@ D H X̹ <br>Ō <| ȹ   <br>t t|` |D X <br> 9@ \\X `D lt  t t $\ <br><` X ɔ ̹ \Ո ۨ tX Ĭx PX Jt JD <\ x <br>|<\ \ L  |  <br><ֈ䲔 @ T`  Ŕ ݴt| X ̲ <br>\, Dt| 䲔 @ 20X t DȲ| X 0ht| t|0| \ <br>  D t 䲔 @ t Dв  <br> <br>DhX 04 t|0 X `@ @X й hՕń8 <br>t ǔ ǠȲ <br>------------------- <br> <br>X՘ز@ XՔ D Xt <br> X” 0| X <br> <br>t ǔ Ǡ䲔 1D X| <br> ȴ <br> X ǔ | \ ht T lЌ <br>T Xnj $ƌ t <br> <br>X՘ز@ T D JŔ <br>@ T Ȭ| X JŔ <br> <br> <br>5/30() <br> 5:14 <br> D l| tXxȲ <DŽ D Ĭ(warn)Xp ȹLt }\ D $X <br>t Ŕ D 䴴 p Ō $Ƙ 8<| <br> <br> <br> <br>5/29(T) <br>l 8 14 <br>4 X՘زX <\ xijhD  @ X՘زX Dt| <br> <br>D`X <br>D`X @ ȹX t $Ɣ X <br> <br>ȹX X tհX ଵ hخ <br>Dt \ t 0 t <br>D`X @ Dt| t 1h hخ t ɔ t D̲ <br> <br> ȹX @ D ԴȔ t <br>D`X @ Dtǔ tL0 \ | D| JŔ X <br> <br>\t| DLL !DED -5Xt <br>ƬP! 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XȲ t X D ǔXT| <br> <br>------------ <br>$Ƙ P й <br> <br>ȹL 4 37~39 <br>p t |ǴŘp <br>خ < | 4TȲ Ȑt hp tt زt <br>Ƭ Ȍ  D ̳ DȲX˜tL XȲ <br> <br>خ h D

XȲ t X D ǔXT| <br> <br>u´l@ 4h䲔 tp <br>ij |`LŔ <\ t %t  <br>tLŔ t ij  ǔ 0| 0ij\ <br> <br>|` LX <br>LŔ <br>tLŔ l <br> <br>0ܴ LŔ 0ܴ <br>ٳ` L ٳX <br>ED }D L ED } <br> <br> \ | ,  tǔ |t | L J <br>Ĭ\ |, D |t | Lij] <br> <br> <br>~ <br> <br>5 25| | P... <br> <br> <br>5/24() <br>ij 1 8 <br>$ 19t lŌ Xt l D  <br>踴 ( @ ȹD@ E ]L tt xt | XȲ| <br> <br>L 4 18 <br>X 19t Xh<Ȳ tǔ \ Ō LD XՌ X$ 0D < <br>| \  Ō | ,  < Ō hD  Xp | m X <br> <br>19 <br>X @X t|  XՌ X$ Xt| XT| <br> <br> <br> <br>5/23() <br>0䲬 @  D| \ <br> <br>\ = 0䲬 <br> <br>| ` 3 25 <br>0䲬 Ō lXՔ <Ō 8@Ɣ Xij <br> <br>ȹL 15 43 <br>DŬȹ It @ ̳ L|ijŌ 䴴 X ´| | XȲ <br>t @ tȽ  tǔ X՘زX || 0䲬 | <br> <br>5/22(T) <br>ȹL 1 35 <br> $ƈ$ خ |ǴŘ \\ <\ p0 0ijXTȲ <br> <br>5/21() <br>8D 22:5 <br>$ 8@X 8 lŌ 9\ 9 (ǕD ܴ X <br>lX X՘ز 8@| X X 8\ Xp <br>X ĬD  Ō \ X l ȹLD X 1D X <br>| ,8 Ȳ| X <br> <br>ȹL 22:37 <br>خ tt &nbsp; <br>`$ $ ȹLD X <br>a$ ;D X <br> X X՘زD X| Xh<Ȳ <br> <br>ȹL 12:30 <br>`$ $ ȹLD X <br>a$ (D X <br>b$ ;D X <br>c$ D X <br> X X՘زD X| X tǔ <br> <br>L 10:27 <br>X tt <br>`$ $ ȹLD Xp <br>a$ (D Xp <br>b$ D Xp <br>c$ ;D X <br> X X՘زD X \ $ tD $ t X| XƘt <br> <br>…0 6:5 <br> <br>`$ ȹLD X <br>a$ ;D X <br>b$ D X $ X՘ز 8@| X| <br> <br> <br>Love the LORD your God <br>with all your heart <br>and with all your soul <br>and with all your strength. <br> <br>----------------- <br>I will celebrate sing unto the Lord <br>Sing to the Lord a new song <br> <br>With my heart rejoicing within <br>with my mind focused on Him <br>with my hand raise to the heaven <br>all I am worshipping him <br> <br> زD ,̑iȲ <br> x\ ,̑ <br> <br>ȹLD X <br>زD ,̑Xլ <br> <br>5/18() <br>8D 20:1 <br>tǤ| ǐŌ X tt| <br> 8\ lŌ й\ ij<1D X <br> <br>300DD tǴ ( <br>\̀ 6 Y <br> <br>1. p  ɬtD Xȹ| <br>2. ǰD < ̹tD < ȹ| <br>3. D XՌ X| <br>4. ID0Ŕ ED ȹ| <br>5. p ( 3D@ 47D Ǵ| <br>6. ) 100H vȔ D tX| <br> <br>5/17() <br>tǬ| 40:8 <br>@ ȹt C@ ܴ Ƭ X՘زX й@ ƈ | X| <br>Io0g00o0W0|000`0L00y_0a0n0^yn0Io08l`k0zd00 <br>The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever <br> <br> <br>0 \ x <br>X X| X| P tǔ x <br> <br>(tTդ¤ <br>4X 80 ܿ <X <br> \ ٳij `  Ŕ 0̘X 0 <br> <br> ٳX X 0 t Xլ| <br>\ 0 \ \ ̳, \ ̳X X 0 0 Xլ| <br>|lų \ Xǔ 1 10  t  <Ǭ| <br> <br>Ƭ$ X X \ 0t  ǔ x <br>t \ X ǔ xt JDL <br> <br>------------ <br> <br>\tX 0 <br> <br>------------ <br> <br>8pX 0 <br>̹ HXp <br> @ij  ǔ \ 0 <br> <br>5/16() <br> 7:9~10 <br>X՘زt @ hخ ĬT <br> X֜ t8ȴ `} U \ ^ @ | <br>\ | `} 0 ( X Xΐ\ 8ƐȲ| <br> <br>^yo0|_h0h00k0J0000 <br>B0000VK00|_0QeD0QW00 <br> <br>-------------- <br>1. œL <br> <br>2. İ <br> <br>X D @ D 0ijXՐ <br> \| ɔ\ |t <br> tǔ | Ĭ\ | <br> <br> <br> <br>5/15(T) <br> 6:38 <br>| Xt lŌ  tȲ ֈ  t T䴴 Xij] X <br>lŌ HŨ Ȭ| l DŬ Dż<\ lij DżD ij\ D tȲ| <br> <br>Give, and it will be give to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, <br>will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use,it will be measured to you <br> <br>5/14() <br> 7:5 <br>췘 0  | ̹\ Eij <\ DȲX ̹ t ED D ij Ŕ @ X ֐Ō <br> \ }ōXh

<br>5/11() <br>8D 16:4 <br>IX ǐ 8@ |t 0D T| <br> <br>Don't pray for an easy life but <br>pray to be a strong man <br> <br> <br>5/10() <br> 7:2 <br>$ 8@خ D $ \ XΌ X¬Ȳ <br> L  D x` t| <br> 4 }ij йtǔ <br>D È 0ij й tp <br> <br> 7:7 <br>8@خ l| 0оX l| X@ l <br>x q ¨ ι@ DȲ| <br>lה q  <Ȳ| <br> <br>---- <br> <br>hخX@ X JLt <br>, X՘ز ^ ǜ XՔ t DȲ| ܴ  DŔ t| <br> <br>Dt  0| !Ǵ ,Ґ  ,Ґ\ .ƨ <br>D@ $ <br> <br>- <br> <br> <br> <br>5/9() <br>ȹ 25:23 <br> xt tt Xij )X 1 D <br>$ @ | 1X< ι@ <\ $ 0Ȳ <br>$ xX p 8` ̴ X <br> <br>0֔ \t <br>DX <br> <br>, | \ <br>Ő 84t XՔ 8| <br> Qt HX$ XՔ 0̘| 8D J< <br> <br>$ƘX 8 <br>t< $X 䲔 0 <br><\ XX ||ijX  ȹLD ̳  ǔ t ǔ 4|L <br> 3L 8 XՔp ʼ ɹx 謩 U\ PDŘ \ D <br>D  ǔ @ t <br> <br>T Uֈ t  0x 0t|ଘ `L <br>}Œ t|0 Xt ij  䲔 hLtp <br>Ōij X \!D `  ǔ 0 LD hX䲔 |nj <br> <br>5/8(T) <br>ܴ\ 4 3 <br>l Lǀ ȕ h )$ } 4\ -0| X t)xX ;D 0| <br>\ @ ɘ L\ qXij <br> <br> <br> <br>5/7() <br>8D 14:9 <br> 8 8X tt $ X՘ز 8@خ <br>1X@lj $ \  E@ ƈ @ $ ǐX <br>0t | XƘt <br> <br>12 <br> 8@خ йX t |  Ȍ <br>ij 1M@ l `|ij 8@خ @ hخ Xt <br> 8@خ йX \ D DŴt XȲ <br> <br>]0S0g0]0n0e00&#12540;0o0c0f00 <br>0B0j0_0n0L00D0O00Wo00_Z08lENk00B0j0_0h0B0j0_0n0P[k[n0v&#32154;0Wh0j000B0j0_0L00 <br>yn0^y0;Nn0&#24467;D0W0_0K00g0B0000h0D0~0W0_00 <br> <br>i0F0K0N0;NL0B0n0ek0}_gU00_0S0n0q\0W0yk0&#19982;H0f0O0`0U0D00B0n0e0B0j0_0L0^D0_00F0k00 <br>]0S0P[k0o0000NL0B000WXn0B00'YM0j0:uL0B0c0_0n0g0Y00 <br>;NL0yh0h00k0D0f0O0`0U00p00;NL0}_gU00_00F0k00yo0|_00D0&#25173;F0S0h0L0g0M0~0W00F000 <br> <br>D 9 H0 ޹ Jp 0t  DвLij t <br> <br>8<\ tt̹ D ٳXՔ @ <br> tX D , ¤\ `  ǔ L| X Ĭ TXp 1t | \ <br> <br> <br> <br>4/28() <br>\t 96| <br> <br> 19 8 <br> 8D ɹD ɘ XՌ X ^8 `D Ph

<br>------------ <br>\t| X 8D h범 <br> <br> <br> <br>4/27() <br>\t 95| <br> <br> `x8 <br> <br> 9:14 <br>4 X D X Ż ` D 8@خ ; DȲX <br> <br>1. 0  0 L t x$ij 0 t t <br>2. 0ijX t `x 8t <br>3. 0ijX J <br>- xȩ : 踔 , .Dɔ <br>.@ @ \ t DȲ <br> <br>Ƭ$ ٳ 0t .@  JŔ X lt DȲ| <br>@ \ t 0t | ` t <br> <br>@ tt XՔ t <br>\ tt X JŔ t <br> <br>X ¬ |X ¬| 8 \ <br> <br>4/26() <br>8D 8 30~31 <br>L 8D tǤ|X X՘ز 8@| X <br> \ D X<Ȳ <br> <br>tǔ 8@X 8 tǤ| ǐŌ \ <br>8X (ǕE 0] \ ť<\ DȲ\ ̳\ <br>̹ t| 4 8@خ @ T֩|  ܴ8

<br>A DȲ\ ̳ <br> <br>1. }ōX T8 : Et ¹¥lh@ D ht DȲ| Ƭ| ht| <br>2. DȲ\ ̳ , ǔ \ ܴ$| <br>3. DŌ LD X0| 0XՔ t Dx t.  L X՘) X՘) tǬ| <br>4. DŌ 8X < D X՘) L$t 8D 0 <br> <br> <br>4/25() <br>\t 93| <br> <br> 20:24 <br>X $ 8 خ @ X՘زX @X L pXՔ |D ȹX$ hŔ <br>X D pij \ <\ 0 DȲXx| <br> <br>Q00i000yL0Rn0p0y0M0L z0p0&#23613;O0W00;N000K00SQ0_00^yn0&#24693;0n0y0&#35388;W0Y00NR0 <br>g_0W0B}H00S0h0L0Q&#26469;0j000yn0}To0\W00`W0D0h0o0`D0~0[000 <br> <br>22~23 <br>| t 9 乄D D 踴<\ p <br>0 4 |D ̹ L Xx| <br> <br>$ 19t  1 pX  X֜t | 0䲰 X˜ <br>4/24(T) <br>\t 92| <br> <br>ٳ̔ X՘زX ȯt <br> <br>tD <br> <br> 22:2 <br>X֜ \ @ A1c1H1ɐ@ ȹLt Ƶ\ Ō\ <br> t Ŕp @ hخ\ 1 ɷtT| <br> <br>* ̅@ X ǐ - լ <br> <br> 4:1 <br>\ H  l| X$Ȳ <br>l tD @ iXՌ X <br> <br>- $ t X՘( <br> <br> <br> <br>4/23() <br>\t 91| <br> <br> 2:9 <br>췘 lה X qȍtǔ U @ Ȭtǔ <br>p\ | X  11tȲ <br>tǔ l| P p X 0t\ [ 䴴 X tX <br>Dń䲴 UD XՌ X$ Xt| <br> <br> <br>Š 6:11 <br>ȹX Ĭ| X0 X <br>X՘زX | <| <br> <br> <br> 4|p - ||x <br> <br>--- Tš й <br>12 ƬX (ń@  !D \ t DȲ <br>Ȭ(Xΐ)@ 8@ t PX 8 <br>X՘ ǔ EX D ht| <br> <br>13 \ X՘زX  | X| <br>tǔ E\ l X |D \ <br>0 ht| <br> <br>14  ɬ\ l լ `| ` XX I0 t <br>15 HX Lt D\ <\ D <br>16  LX )(| t\h l E\ X T(Tִ)D xX <br>17 lX ,l@ 19X X՘زX йD | <br> <br>110&#24746;Tn0V{euk0&#23550;W0f0za0TK0F0S0h0L0g0M00_00k00^yn0Y0y0f0n0fkwQ0k0@wQ0j0U0D00 <br>120y_0a0n0130g0Y0K000&#24746;j0ek0W0f0&#23550;bg0M000F0k00~0_00NR0bW0BR0f0 <br>140g0o00W0c0K00h0_0a0j0U0D00po0&#30495;tn0&#24111;(J0s0)0}0 <br> <br>150k0o0s^Tn0yn0PH00o0M0j0U0D00(e\M0j0U0D0) <br>160S000hQf0n00n0n0 Nk00ONn0'Yv_0f0 0S0j0U0D00]00k00c0f00&#24746;D00n0L0kpw 00j0mY0S0h0L0Q&#26469;~0Y00 <br>170QeD0n0K0v0h00K0v000~0_0_&#38666;n0&#19982;H00&#21091;g0B000^yn0I0SQ0S0j0U0D00 <br>0 <br> <br> <br>fǕ00Th <br>bW0BR00001X <br>SQ0S000(D) <br> <br>4/20() <br>ŤT 4:16 <br>@  ° ǔ xD <\ <br>| X X <br>$ |D 9ij й ȹij ȹ <br>\ X @\ T t \ <br>ܭ@| 0 UŌ DȲ <br> 11:14 <br>ij(Guidance)t (advisers) ι <br>A. All in `L All in X| <br>B. ŤT 4;16 <br> <br>- \t| \ 0ij <br>- ֬ | <br> <br> <br>4/19() <br>X 20:17 <br>t Ŕ l ¸ t ŘȲ <br>m$| t  l@ hخ\ 8@ lXՔ D | <br> @ 踴D lה P$Xp | й <br>| D ޹ | 8@ l@ hخ Xլ| XhȲ| X <br> <br> <br> <br>4/18() <br> E D 9 <br> <br>8D <br>11  tҠ E D 9 <br> 4PѼ @ D 9TȲ <br> <br>12 E D 9@ LǠ ̹ <Ȳ <br>tǤ| t ” <br>̹| X t H EX | 9T| <br> <br>---- <br>t 0 \ \ X Yt $Ƙt <br> <br>4/17(T) <br>\t 85| <br> <br>8D 5 8-9 <br>8@خ 8DŌ tt <br> $Ƙ `}X X| lŌ X <br>Xh<\ tDŽD $ƘL 8t| XՐȲ| <br> <br> tǤ| ǐt 8 ¬| AŔ Ŭ <br> D 0

<br> <br>4/16() <br>\t 84| <br> <br> 4:25 <br> pD   t T 8 D йX| <br>tǔ Ƭ \ ɴ (t| <br> <br>26~27 <br>D ij | йp <br>t ij] D D й <br>ȹŌ D й| <br> <br>29 <br>4 T췴 йD l ij й <br>$ UD 8Ɣ p  \ \ йD X <br>㴔 Ō @| |XΌ X| <br> <br>* йD `L <br>1. ̹D t|0 X| <br> <br>2. UD 8Ɣ йt DȲt xǴX|(йD X йD|) <br> <br>--- <br> <br>D tLX 0 <br>L ̹X MtX 0X <br> <br>X0| 0ijX| <br> <br>---- <br> <br>\t| \ 0 <br> tX \X 0 <br>tȔ  2X \X 0D t踬| <br> <br>X 첀| ̈́ XՔ <br>5첀| Xt 5첀 Ȁ| ,ҐX <br>3첀| Xt 3첀 Ȁ| ,ҐXՔ \ <br> <br>----- <br> <br>D4 оij DhD Y̨Ȕ <br>tǀ , | X X T D X”p <br> <br> <br> <br>4/13() <br> Ct <Ք 4ƅȲ <br>- 4Ŕ | |ǴŘ 0 й 0ij\ <br>t X| (Ȉ DXՔ Ȳ <br> <br>- Ť |D X %\ 40x 0ij| <br>̈́ X XՔ Ȳ <br> <br>- \t| ̳<\ T 0ijX Ǭ Lt Ȳ. <br>D L T J@ 0ij\ Ȳ <br> <br>- Tm \ DD ¬ <br>ȹxܴ| 8ij] XՠȲ. ҈, |X Ȳ <br> <br>- \tX 08 P!D X X | 첀X DD <br>hXΔ 0 X 0D XՔ Ȳ <br> <br>- @| @ X p| дp DȲ <br> <br>- ijX D D J qD \ 0ij <br>P| \ 0ij , |0| \ 0ij, || \ 0ij| XՠȲ <br> <br>- q lD \ 0ij ٳXp tǠȲ. | Ȍ <br> <br>- \ 䴴, D X 0ijXՔ Ȳ <br> <br>- T ιt t p D xt Ȳ <br> <br>- |D ij@ m,  t Ȳ <br> <br>- D `  LD h <br> X \ D 䲈t ̹qXՔ xD Ȳ <br> <br>- 1ųD |X  ;Ř Xՠ

й Tš<\ X | ( ¤Д Ȳ <br> <br>- p 9@ T ǔ D̲ ֬ tǐ 41 <br>Ȳ <br> <br>- X 첀| <DŽ L8 ;P Ŭ@ t  JŠȲ <br> <br>- t }X X Dij] XՠȲ <br> <br>iȲ. Dιtǔ <br>iȲ. пƔ <br> <br>---------- <br> <br>@ X itǔ <br>LD t| \ \ ɬ\ tD 8t| <br> <br>$ 4:7~8 <br> \ ° X $ 8D ȹX LD 0<Ȳ <br>t \ | X XX tXt D<\ <br> X\ ӥt tȲ <br>̹ DȲ| X ИD XՔ ŌȲ| <br> <br> <br>1. Jɔ  ->  ɉX <br>2. ܴ D t 䲔 <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>4/12() <br>tǬ| 26:9 <br>$ tǔ خ E X” L 8ĬX pt X| 0tȲt <br> <br>--> $X @ \ X| ޹tXՌT X <br> <br>= 21:18 <br>|ǴŘ Dt| |< $ <\ | \ p qD t踌 Xլ| XȲ| <br> <br> 18:9 <br>$ خ X p Ō й X <br> <br> 23:11 <br> $ خ   tt X| <br> <br>--> Dhtt t ŵȲ. Ƞ $0 X踔 ‘ŵȲ <br> <br>* $D ǻ\  <br>Գ ନ| ij <br> - ܴ| `8 t Q 6t <br>o - $ زD  <br> <br>* $ |ǴŜ Ŭ <br>$ $ ز -  ȹ <br>\X Lij $ <br> <br>4/11() <br> LD <Ǭ| <br> <br>- ,4 <br>,@X \Ԕ X0 ht <br> <br> 11:6~9 <br> <br>TŌ@ t hخ 9

D 9D tp <br> 9 Dt ųX lM ǜXp  Dt <br>ų t D #D t| <br> <br>---------------- <br> <br>|Ȕ <br>0 T ɔ <br>Dń , 8Ȳ <br> <br> <br>4/10(T) <br> 4:3 <br>HX 乔 \ 19t X՘ X D h ɤ| <br> <br>-> Ƭ ` |@ h ɤД | <br> <br>4 t X՘ 19ij \ՄtȲ t@ t l tX \ ݹH <br>tD XŐȲ| <br>5 ij \Մt” Lij X՘ 8@ij X՘ <br>6 X՘زij \ՄtȲ ̹  Ĭ ̹ | | X <br>̹ p Ĭij <br> <br>-> 4D P t  JD  `x 8tȲ| <br> <br> 1:17 <br>Ƭ 8| ̅\ t D ̅X$Ȳ@ <br>$ X X՘ز 8@خ 8@ hخ ĬX t <br> hخ Ĭ0| X՘t <br> <br>Just as we fully obeyed Moses, so we will obey you. <br>Only may the LORD your God be with you as he was with Moses. <br> <br>--------- <br> <br>@ XǬ D <br>@ PxX  <br> <br> <br>4/9() <br> 105:37 <br>D xijX @D $ƌ XȲ <br>  }\Ր X՘ij ij <br> <br> 2:2 <br> l  ij@ X   xŔ <br>D4ij L DȲX0\ XLt| <br> <br> 12:14 <br>lה t D 0PX 8@X 0| D <br>\ ܭ@\ \ ɬ Ȳ| <br> <br>->  D :  <br> <br> 13:6 <br>\ Ƭ \ Ȕ | ճ Ȳ <br> 4 DȲ Xՠx| <br>t Xլ Xx| <br> <br> %\ ->  <br>-- <br>й ֬ |X ǔ t X4X <br>!Ǵ<\̹ D 0t D0̳0 <br>, x D Ո ^.^ <br> <br> <br>4/6() <br>0ijX| …X| <br>- hخƔ <br> <br> 23 <br>26 l | L  L ¬t| l$ t <br>\ $Ɣ D D Ō | | Ȍ XT| <br>27  11  | X D Xp < Ɣ ŐX p 4 0|$Ɣ| <br> <br>--> x\ ‘` |ij <\ |iȲ , t 0 <br> <br>,̡ 487 <br> q 4l Ŕ p <br>t й 0ij ܴ$ DŰ8 <br> <br> 6:1 <br>D t ̹| 4 \ |t ܴ췘p <br>9\ lה ( \ 9<\ \ | \  D D <br>ij DL P$X| <br> <br>34 t خ | Dń l| X 5ƌ <br>0X XՔ D L htȲt XT| <br>l X 7D DQD <br> <br>-> D \t pp t DȲ| 0ijt|\ <br> <br>28 <br>خ ̳t D X | <br>踴X 8D | X й <br>l@ l @| X | <br> <br> <br>4/5() <br>= 39:23 <br>%@ X 4 D 4t ̳D DȲX<Ȳ <br>tǔ 8@خ I hخ Xt| <br>8@خ X ֵ XhȲ| <br> <br>-E : &nbsp;\X X <br> <br>* ȯt ଜD  <br> <br>* ȯ@  <br>!  - 0̬ų ->$Ť(36D |, ^ 1p0T Qx) <br>-> 48D Ŭ |ܴ <br> <br> <br> <br>4/4() <br> <br>%t | ̹ <br> <br> 17:6 <br>خ tt lŌ ( \ L̹\ Lt T|t <br>t U4T| ̿ Q  0| XD tǔ <br>t lŌ …X<Ǭ| <br> <br>ȹ 17:20 <br>l ̹| Lt \ ( ̹|̹ t D X 0 Ȭ\ .0| Xij .8 tǔ <br> l ` t <Ǭ| <br> <br>ȹ 13:31 <br>m@ ȹX t 0 -  @ ( \ L <Ȳ <br> <br> <br> 13:19 <br>ȹX t 0 Ď- @ ( \ L <Ȳ | 4  <br>X t CƐȲ| <br> <br>( - iL ,( @ǃ(ɹ 4:31), 4-6 x C, |t 3mij <br> <br> <br> <br> xX ƬP! <br>̬njD l - Űt <br> <br>%X \@ mD | <br> <br>4| X X 䲔 P Ř| <br>X \ @ . Xt  tp ` t0 L8t <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br>4/3(T) <br>l 7:24 <br>$8| \ t\ <br>t ݹX   | t8ȴ <br> <br>- lЬdX 1 <br> <br>l 8:1 <br>\ t ij  H ǔ Ō <br>T ht ŘȲ <br> <br>- X$  )t\0X t) <br> <br>l 8:28 <br>Ƭ LpȲ@ X՘زD XՔ ;\ <br>tD @ Ō t i%X D t踐Ȳ| <br> <br>- ٳŐX i <br>- 19D X`L ȹɹ …X ǬL D  <br> <br> 16 6 <br>xǐ@ ɬ\ xX Et XՌ  <br>8@| xh<\ йTD E Ȳ| <br> <br>- E )@ 8@| xhtǬ| <br>- X X\ X$t ` ] T 䴴ɬȲ <br>- 0|, &nbsp;19D xX | nj Xլ| <br> <br> 16:7 <br>X  8@| 0XŒ Xt X |ij <br>@ T T֩XՌ XȲ| <br> <br>- X ٳD X0 X՘زD 0XŒ XՔ  JŔ ̳D <br> <br>------------ <br> ֬L p x 7~8, p 2 <br>X  ֬X XǐL 5 <br> <br>235L)X 75, 80ij |ᬈ ID <br>10 5 Ǭ p. Y ȴ| | <br> <br>\X | \ |ǐǬ| t<\ tD <br>T t JŌ X” X՘ز <br> <br> <br>4/2() <br> 13:34~35 <br> ĬD lŌ xȲ \ X| <br> l| \ t lij \ X| <br>l \ Xt t\h t l <br> Ȑx  LŬ| <br> <br>- Ȑ ǔ \ XՔ , t tD <br> <br>$ 4:5 <br>X՘زX й 0ij\ pXt| <br> <br>- ƬX @ p , tǔ й 0ij\ ht| <br> <br> 13:15 <br>t\ Ƭ \ йTD m ,̡X Ȭ| <br>X՘زخ ܴ <br>tǔ tDŽD ɸXՔ X Ȳ| <br> <br>- . X | ܴ . ,̑D Ϯ t <br> <br> <br>* D |h X l <br>- 1806D ȹ@ tX D. P . <br>” Dt| 1<\ P!h. p Dńɔ |X0| T h. <br>췘 t 9L 8(0 Ǹ<\ 1\ D @. <br> <br>22L ֥ |Xt \ <br>1X | 0<\ 8֬ ( <br> <br>0ij xt)t| DD L <br>9 0 D 0 <br>¬\ tT ٳ xt)D th <br>X ι@ \ 8 P 1D <\ h. <br> <br> x  J@ , xij  J. - <br>̹ ȹ P!X 0\ . - <br>408 ɜ x@ X t ĒD 8| \. - <br> D ȹ ٳH | ” .  D ƈ | ij . 췘 D ƈ | ” . - <br> <br><a href=SJ_japan_Sizaku-2006.html >‘ǀ0 2006DL</a> <br> <br>=================== <br> <br> <br> <br>ରij 9 25 - t00| ,Ҕ ȹ | X՘Ȳ <br>lה iD tXD ଐ X Ƭ i DȲ` D ଐ Xx| <br> <br><script src=http://board.dreamwiz.com/BIN/link.cgi?path=pascal21&id=SJgoCompany&type=141></script> </body> </html>